Friday, 14 December 2018

Ajay Shrivastava aura-reading services Jaipur

Ajay Shrivastava aura-reading services Jaipur

ajay shrivastava gem stone healer - neel gems jaipur. the place quite famous for his aura - reader mr ajay shrivastava who is specialist in aura reading and different languages to explain about gems stone and jewelry. Mostly people known him by " Gem/Stone Healer in Jaipur. 

Neel gems (jaipur) is a showroom of perfect gemstones and gold & silver jewellery. More than 25 years of gem stone experience he has. Neel gems offer wedding rings for male and female, gold & silver jewelery, zodiac stones and all types of gem stones.

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jaipur known for jewelery and gems stone

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